10 Reasons Why Physicians Choose Locum Tenens Work

Are you considering work as a locum tenens provider? Here’s a list of benefits that may be helpful in ma ing your choice. Supplemental income Greater flexibility Explore the country New practice settings Filling gaps before starting a permanent position Have control over the amount of shifts you work Do research before taking a permanent… Read more »

Combating Physician Burnout

There appears to be a glorification of “busy” in today’s society. With the help of technology, we are able to accomplish more than ever! But these norms often create unhealthy and unreasonable expectations that result in burnout. Physician burnout is a huge issue that affects almost everyone physicians come in contact with. As a locum… Read more »

Patient Experience for Locum Tenens – “Active listening: Support, don’t shift”

Active listening is a communication skill whereby the listener is willing and able to fully pay attention to understand the speaker with the goal of thoughtfully acknowledging what is being said. This promotes a conversation that better supports the speaker’s needs. The primary components of active listening are common sense but they’re not always easy: Avoid… Read more »

The Importance of Locum Tenens

Overview Healthcare is rapidly changing, and it’s no secret that there is a shortage of physicians. With the population of baby-boomers expanding rapidly and finding themselves in need of acute care there is a heightened need for more providers to care for patients. Health systems have a constant need for interim staffing, hospitals and clinics… Read more »

5 Tips Every Locum Tenens Should Know When Moving to a New City

As a locum tenens physician, you have the unique opportunity to see and experience new places in addition to learning about different practice settings. Our expert travel staff have compiled a list of tips to assist with getting acclimated to each new city. Do research before moving. Familiarize yourself with the city you are moving… Read more »

Is Locum Tenens Right for You?

Download here Want to earn extra money? Enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people? Need a break from your daily routine? Need to work for a few weeks until you start a new job? Like having control over when you work and where? Want to do research before you settle for a permanent position?… Read more »

Echo Locum Tenens’ State Spotlight | 10 Things to Do in California

There are many benefits to becoming a locum tenens. As a locum tenens, you have control over the amount of shifts you take, you can test out new practice settings, and have the unique opportunity to see the country. If you’re thinking about becoming a locum tenens then you probably want to know what you… Read more »

10 Tips for Getting the Most of Mentoring

The Center for Creative Leadership identifies “people” as a resource contributing to 30% of individual learning and growth. Mentors usually are seen as “wise guides,” those who can challenge, encourage and help you walk through learning situations with thought-provoking questions. They share their experiences and provide a safe space to learn.  Mentors have the ability… Read more »

6 Books Every locum tenens Should Read

Whether you realize it or not, as a physician you’re seen as a leader in the hospital and in your community. Patients, their families and medical staff look up to you. Even though you may not think of yourself as a physician leader, you are in other’s eyes. In medical school you likely had very… Read more »

Why locum tenens?

Providers choose to work locum tenens for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to: Supplemental Income Locum tenens is a great way to earn a supplemental income. Control the amount of shifts you do, there’s no minimum number. Change of Lifestyle Being a locum tenens physician gives you the unique opportunity to see… Read more »