6 Ways to Recharge this Summer

Locum tenens, like other physicians, are in the business of caring for others. It is demanding and often difficult work.

While always focused on others, physicians sometimes neglect to care for themselves. This is an understandable, yet undesirable, mistake. To continue being productive and deliver good care for others, the physician must first take care of themselves.

One way to restore energy, especially after a particularly difficult stretch of work, is to take a break, let yourself relax and focus your attention on something other than work. Below are some suggestions you might want to try to give yourself a break and hopefully come back to work feeling refreshed.

Get outdoors
Fresh air and sunlight have long been praised for their healing qualities. Couple that with some exercise and the endorphins will soon be flowing, resulting in that well-earned runner’s high.

However, you don’t only have to run for exercise. Other great options are walking, biking, boating or any other sport. The benefits are two-fold – the movement reinvigorates the body, and the scenery inspires the mind.

Visit a museum
Art has a remarkable way of connecting and inspiring people without the use of words. There is something moving and calming in gazing at a masterpiece, a result of hours of thought and skill used to transfer someone’s vision to a flat surface.

Widen your perspective by visiting a museum or a type of museum you have not seen before. Try to understand more about the works by learning about the artists and styles behind them.

Go to a concert
Music has been found to help regulate moods. Depending on the style of the music, you are likely to walk away with a different mood than what you had when you arrived.

Want to relax? Try classical. Need a reason to get all that energy out? There’s rock for you. Looking for something interesting but sophisticated? Maybe try Jazz. Or, try a style of music you don’t normally listen to and see where that takes you. You may be pleasantly surprised!

When you do something for others that aligns with your personal values, you will get a feeling of wholesomeness.

You can either use your unique skills, perhaps in medicine to care for others, or something different for a change. Some potential possibilities can be the local soup kitchen, a shelter or another cause you are passionate about.

Learn something new
One way to help keep your mind and memory nimble is to expand those neuron connections by learning something new. It is also a great way to experience challenge, and, in turn, accomplishment when you master a new skill.

What was something you always wanted to learn? Local community colleges are a great place to find some hands-on classes. Try painting, cooking, a music instrument, a sport or a class on something you always wondered about.

Spend time with friends or family
Almost everything is better when done with great people, a meal, event or simply a conversation. Invite someone you haven’t invited before, and see how it goes. Or surprise your significant other, child, or parent with a thoughtful gesture. Watch their face light up with delight, and carry that with you. It will be moments like this that you will look back on later, and think, for this, life is worth living.

There is no shortage of ways to spend your time off this summer. Pick a few places to see, things to do and maybe somebody to come with you, and you are sure to come away feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenging and rewarding locum tenens work.


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