Emotional Intelligence for Locum Tenens

Emotional intelligence (EI) is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as “The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.” As such, it is critical to the work of locum tenens who are often in high-stress situations, where emotions run strong and stakes are high. EI can… Read more »

3 Keys to Staying Energized Throughout Your Day

We all struggle with staying energized from time to time. Tom Rath, employee engagement guru, suggests in his book, Are You Fully Charged?, that focusing on three main points every day can help you stay energized in your daily work. Meaning: Doing something that benefits another person As physicians, it isn’t difficult to define what… Read more »

10 Things Unique to Arizona

As a locum tenens, you have the unique opportunity to spend time in different areas of the country, say… the Southwest for instance. Arizona is a place of spectacular desert scenery, rich with vivid color, quirky small towns, mission remains and old mining settlements. While you’re not seeing patients, you’ll have time to explore the… Read more »

Teach-Back Method for Locum Tenens

Communication is a vital aspect of the patient–physician relationship, however, patients often don’t understand everything they are told by their healthcare providers. This can lead to poor patient satisfaction with their care and even poor care management post-discharge. The Teach-Back Method is one way you can ensure patients understand their medical condition and the steps… Read more »

6 Ways to Recharge this Summer

Locum tenens, like other physicians, are in the business of caring for others. It is demanding and often difficult work. While always focused on others, physicians sometimes neglect to care for themselves. This is an understandable, yet undesirable, mistake. To continue being productive and deliver good care for others, the physician must first take care… Read more »

Four Key Practices for Locum Tenens Physicians to Bring to Every Assignment

As a locum tenens physician new to a hospital, you often don’t know the ins and outs of that hospital’s processes and procedures. In fact, you likely experience even more interruptions because you are navigating care in an unfamiliar setting. All of this distraction can cause your patient to feel you are not focusing on… Read more »

10 Fun Things to Do in Texas

  As a locum tenens physician you have the rare opportunity to travel and live in different parts of the country. At Echo we are highlighting different states and areas of the country that have a variety of things to do in your off hours. If you are currently looking for your next destination, consider… Read more »

How Do You Deal With Change?

Change can be a constant in a locum tenen’s life. Even so, change is often uncomfortable and disorienting. While you are not always in control of your circumstances, you can learn to manage any situation you’re facing. You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust the sails. Below are some tips to help make… Read more »

Staying Well – Start with Sleep

It is widely known that sleep is important for good health. As physicians, we are used to giving this advice to others. Often, however, we are also short on the hours of sleep we get each night. Sleep deprivation is a serious issue that affects nearly every major body system, including the brain, heart and… Read more »

How to Get the Most out of Your Locum Tenens Experience

Working locum tenens is a popular choice for many providers. Some choose to pursue locum tenens placements full time, while others do it in addition to their permanent positions. No matter which option you prefer, it’s important to make the best of your experience. Our staff at Echo Locum Tenens have combined a few helpful… Read more »