Staying Well – Start with Sleep

It is widely known that sleep is important for good health. As physicians, we are used to giving this advice to others. Often, however, we are also short on the hours of sleep we get each night.

Sleep deprivation is a serious issue that affects nearly every major body system, including the brain, heart and immune system. Lack of sleep is linked to disease and even premature death. It is something not to be taken lightly, even by the strongest of us.

When we do get the sleep we need, the body and brain is recharged. Sleep is a time of important biological activity in the brain when cellular repair work is done and memories are processed. This restoration is crucial to continue doing our work well each day.

There are a few things you can do to help get a healthy amount of sleep each night. Start with a manageable workload that allows for the time needed for sleep. Consider limiting the amount of technology exposure right before sleep, the blue screen light tends to interfere with sleep patterns. Most people need about five to eight hours of sleep each night. How about starting tonight?

As a locum tenens physician, you are tasked with providing medical attention in hospitals that need it most. It’s important to not neglect your own health in order to provide the best possible care to every patient.

Sources: Time Magazine
Photo from Fotolia
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