3 Keys to Staying Energized Throughout Your Day

We all struggle with staying energized from time to time. Tom Rath, employee engagement guru, suggests in his book, Are You Fully Charged?, that focusing on three main points every day can help you stay energized in your daily work.

  • Meaning: Doing something that benefits another person

As physicians, it isn’t difficult to define what gives meaning to your work. It’s likely helping people feel better, or some variation. What is more difficult is to keep that top of mind throughout the day. Try to remember as you go about your work, what it is that made you become a doctor in the first place?

  • Interactions: Creating far more positive than negative moments

While working with patients and staff, you have many opportunities to create positive interactions. Take those opportunities to positively influence those around you, and watch as that energy comes back to you. Hold the door for someone with a smile, or ask someone how their day is going while getting your coffee. These small acts will add up to a more positive overall experience.

  • Energy: Making choices that improve your mental and physical health

Physical strength and mental energy need to be replenished and maintained. Practically, that translates into spending time on physical exercise, as well as taking time to recharge and reflect. See if you can incorporate small amounts of activity into everyday activities, like taking the stairs, parking farther away from the entrance or taking short walking breaks throughout the day. Find things to do on your days off that will leave you refreshed and energized, that may include spending time with friends and family, or on the other hand, taking some time for yourself.

With all the demands in a Locum Tenens day, feeling tired or sluggish is natural. Incorporating these 3 tools into your day can help you focus on what really matters: meaning- that which drives you forward, interactions – which often make or break our day, and energy- how you manage the mental and physical resources you have.

So go ahead, see how many of these you can intentionally implement this week, and see if it doesn’t leave you more energized then before.