6 Travel Tips Every Echo Locum Tenens Should Know

1. Security Lines

Don’t check the length of the line, instead look at how fast the security agent is working. Ever stand in a short line at the grocery store and end up waiting twice as long as everyone else because the cashier is so slow? Well, it’s the same concept here.



2. Miles, Miles, Miles

Apply for a frequent flyer membership and earn points on loads of things! Benefits can include:

TSA pre-check
No fees for checking in bags
Upgrades & early boarding
Earn points for free travel


3. TSA PreCheck

Apply for expedited traveler status.

Applying for TSA PreCheck means no more standing in TSA lines, no more taking off your shoes and taking out your electronics. Hooray! You can do so through programs like TSA Pre✓ for U.S. travel


4. Credit Cards

Do the research on your current credit cards to see what perks you’re not taking advantage of. Many cards offer free rental car insurance and much more.

Knowledge is power!


5. Transportation

Skip the line at arrivals and instead grab a cab at the departure zone. They’re guaranteed to be empty, it’s win-win situation! Or download the Uber app and connect on your mobile device for a ride.



6. Customer-Service

Keep Customer-Service Numbers Stored in Your Phone

Unknown cell phone reception and busy airports, paired with a busy schedule can be a recipe for disaster. Google isn’t always available, so having a few helpful numbers in your phone can come in handy when you least expect it!


Bon voyage to all of our Echo Locum Tenens!

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