Combating Physician Burnout

There appears to be a glorification of “busy” in today’s society. With the help of technology, we are able to accomplish more than ever! But these norms often create unhealthy and unreasonable expectations that result in burnout. Physician burnout is a huge issue that affects almost everyone physicians come in contact with.

As a locum tenens physician, you are tasked with the important role of providing healthcare to the communities that need it most. That is why it’s absolutely crucial that develop tactics to stay resilient. As a locum tenens provider, you are in control of the frequency and location of your shifts, so plan accordingly.

Regardless of what you enjoy or prefer to do on your time off, we urge you to do so! It’s important to care for yourself first. Stepping back and analyzing your day serves as a reminder of why you pursued medicine in the first place. It gives you a perspective that otherwise can get lost in the chaos of the day.

We challenge all locum tenens providers to take a moment and examine the day ahead of you. Start small, what is one thing you can do daily to help prevent burnout? If you yourself are not well, how do you expect to effectively heal the sick?

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