Echo Locum Tenens Travel – FAQs

With many different locum tenens organizations to choose from, the process can be extremely daunting when selecting which is the best fit for you. And, often confusing if you’re new to working as a locum tenens physician. One of the biggest learning curves is how to get from your destination to the hospital where you will be working.

Many locum tenens assignments include coordinating your travel including flights, hotels and rental cars. Our travel experts interact with hundreds of providers every day, including locum tenens who are pros at managing their schedule and travel and others completely new to the travel part of being a locum tenens physician. And some organizations make the physician responsible for arranging travel and others have a team of travel coordinators to assist you.

Here are 5 commonly asked questions that you should consider when taking a locum tenens assignments. We’ve made it easy for you and added the answers for the Echo Locum Tenens response!

Q: Who books the travel for locum tenens physicians?
A: If you require travel arrangements when taking an assignment with Echo, our travel team will arrange specific accommodations listed on your confirmation letter. This may include flights, hotels and car rentals, depending on the location.

Q: How will I know that my travel has been booked?
A: Once shifts are confirmed and signed off by the leader for that team, a travel coordinator will reach out to you to arrange your travel. You will receive an itinerary via email with all the necessary information needed to travel including confirmation codes, dates of departure and return and addresses and phone numbers to make it as easy as possible for you.

Q: When and how are expenses reimbursed?
A: Expenses are reimbursed promptly on a bi-weekly basis when you work with Echo. Every provider receives an itinerary with the pay period dates and cut off dates, an expense form with instructions on how to submit expenses. Expenses are submitted via email to your Echo travel team. Expenses need to be submitted and forms filled out, include corresponding receipts within 45 days of the shifts worked.

Q: What is the mileage rate?
A: The current IRS mileage rate for 2017 is $0.535/per mile. Use the expense form to submit your mileage expenses.

Q: How do I log my hours?
A: Two weeks prior to your start date you will receive instructions via email from our accounts payable team with a username and password to setup your account. This account is managed by you and it’s simple to log your hours.

Q: Who do I contact if I’m having challenges?
A: Your recruiter is a resource for you and they are happy to help get your oriented and support you after you start.