6 Misconceptions About locum tenens

Throughout our many years providing internim staffing services, we’ve heard many assumptions and misconceptions about locum tenens. We’d like to clear up some of those ideas today.

  1. Locum tenens providers aren’t as qualified as permanent full-time providers.
    1. The reality is that most locum tenens providers are practicing in other locations, and work full-time for other organizations and their locum tenens work is simply supplemental income.
  2. You can’t work as a locum tenens provider full-time.
    1. One of the many advantages of locum tenens work is that you’re able to make your own schedule. If full time is what you are looking for, make sure you relay that when you sign-up with an agency.
  3. You have to travel. Constantly.
    1. Although, travel is draw for many who work as locum tenens providers, for others it can be a worthy deal-breaker. As a locum tenens provider you are in control of location, you can limit where you work to cities near your home or other specifications. You are in control.
  4. You can’t trust your recruiter.
    1. Be honest and open with your recruiter about your goals and what you want out of the experience. Part of their job is to help you get what you need.
  5. Since you are an independent contractor there will be on-going fees that you constantly have to pay.
    1. Once you come on board with Echo Locum Tenens, we cover all of your licensing fees and certifications.
  6. Locum tenens work will hinder me from finding a permanent position.
    1. As a locum tenens provider you get exposure to a wide variety of practice settings, figure out what you’re looking for and grow your professional network. You are in the driver’s seat.