6 Travel Tips Every Echo Locum Tenens Should Know

1. Security Lines Don’t check the length of the line, instead look at how fast the security agent is working. Ever stand in a short line at the grocery store and end up waiting twice as long as everyone else because the cashier is so slow? Well, it’s the same concept here.     2…. Read more »

Give back this holiday season! Volunteer opportunities for Locum Tenens physicians

As a Locum Tenens physician, you have the opportunity to touch many lives and communities throughout the country. This holiday season we challenge all of our Echo Locum Tenens physicians to volunteer, whether you’re traveling or staying home for the holidays. There is a wide range of opportunities that fit all interest and hobbies. Need… Read more »

Why You Should Work Locum Tenens

Working locum tenens can be a great addition or supplement to a traditional career in healthcare. Whether you’re just starting a career in medicine or are approaching retirement, being a locum tenens provider can be rewarding at any stage of your career. Do you:  Want to earn extra money in addition to your full-time position? Like having… Read more »